Change and helping people Pt 3 – LL.03

This is the final segment of this post, on current changes and concerns raised with the somewhat chaotic social climate following the presidential election 2016.

Life is full of parties- birthday parties, holiday parties, political parties, retirement parties, restaurant parties. Parties are what we do to celebrate something important. Parties are people, united for a common purpose. Parties interrupt daily life and remind us that there’s more to our existence than work and sleep. Some people live for the party, forgetting what the party meant to begin with.

When all is said and done, what we have left when the party is over is each other. After the food is gone and the floor littered with deflated balloons and dirty confetti it’s time to go clean up and move on to what is next. And I bet you a million pieces of that same confetti that our next move is in relation to how to alter someone’s life. For good or for bad. The world revolves around people, y’all and here’s the last lesson for this post :

  • Each person is worth loving, no matter how views may clash.

How you vote or dress or eat or spend your time and money is not what makes someone important. It’s not what makes YOU important. Your beating heart and the light in your eyes is what makes you a person worth loving. Because you occupy this time and space on planet Earth, you have a place that no one else can fill. You have ideas no one else can work like you can. You have gifts and time to share that can bring beauty and joy and unity right where you stand.

So will you? Stand, I mean? Stand with someone? For something? Get involved in turning tides and helping people and bringing change?

I sure hope so. We need each other. We need you.

What is the last party you attended and what were you celebrating? How does your daily life reflect the idea that we are all doing something to affect someone else’s life? How do you show others that you value them simply because they are alive? What can you share to help the people around you?

Thank you for popping in. Stay tuned for more posts with more lessons I’ve learned in life🙂 ES

Change and helping people Pt 2 – LL.02

This is the second part of this post, on current changes and concerns raised with the somewhat chaotic social climate following the presidential election 2016.

In the crazy aftermath of a crazy new millennium and even crazier campaign season, I see a lot of confusion about the future of our country. Especially in the younger generation who have voted for the first time and really did invest their dreams and emotions in the outcome they strongly desired to witness.

When things don’t go exactly the way we hope (and it’s usually the exception rather than the rule) it’s easy to lose sight of the goals that started the journey in the first place. It doesn’t do anyone any good to remain in shock or become complacent, though, because often there is still a problem that needs to be solved. I’ve learned that when things don’t go the way I’d hoped and planned and waited for I have the option to do something about it.

The second lesson:

  • We can all start right where we are.

There is never an idea so small that it can’t bring the best of changes. And never a group so big that each individual no longer matters. We all see on a daily basis the good things that could help our neighbors, family, co-workers. We all have a pretty good notion about how the unseen and unheard can be helped. And all it would take is for us to come together, peacefully, to address the problems at hand. We need to work together.

Third lesson:

  • The “us and them” argument is only valid if you want it to be.

So I vote for spots and you vote for stripes. I would like cake and you’d prefer pie. I’m a Coke gal while you stick with Pepsi. I married a man and you’re in love with a woman. The list could go on and on and on and on. Do we get offended in a restaurant when our lunch guest orders something different than us? Or enraged when our neighbor buys a car that wasn’t our first choice? Haven’t we seen how mortified women can be when they show up to an event in the exact same dress someone else wore?

The differences that surround us in our everyday lives are what make our time here on earth so incredibly interesting and beautiful! Why should we let such silly little things like opinions keep us divided for so long? And why do we choose offense over said opinions rather than being curious about the person who has them, and what brought them to those conclusions? We need to remember the person behind those spots and pie and soda choices. We need to get curious again about our fellow humans and find a way to help each other thrive.

How often do you intentionally pay attention to the ideas and feelings of others? Is there a way to use differences of opinion to create a stronger, more unified community? Do you see a place you can jump in and help?

Thanks for dropping in! ES


Change and helping people Pt 1 – LL.01

There sure is a lot going on right now so I’m going off-plan and not starting with the other life lessons yet. I’m going to add a few bonus lessons about changes and differences such as we are experiencing right now – post election 2016.

This election has really ruffled feathers all over the US. Kind of brings an awkward tenseness into daily / real-life conversations and interactions with friends online. That’s been my experience anyway. I find myself thinking twice before posting anything that could be construed as leaning more one way than another because I’ve had enough of the bitter opinion wars.

These things can lead to identity, value, and security issues for some, especially those new to participating in the democratic process: Where do I fit in this great big conversation? Does it really come down to us and them? Am I only worth loving if my opinions are socially acceptable? What is going to happen now? Is this really the end of the world as we know it?

I remember having some of these questions myself in my teens. I’ve never been one to go with the mainstream ideas or styles, so I was faced with opposing viewpoints all. the. time. And having been raised in an extremely conservative community I learned to just keep my mouth shut. I didn’t give myself permission to rock boats until the semester I started college.

Every time and place in history had its share of boat-rockers. Without them, we’d have no progress. Think of your favorite time in history and point to the ones who stood up and said, “This needs to change,” or “I have an idea…” or simply “What if?”

Well, here’s the first lesson I want to share about change and differences (today’s spontaneous topic addition):  

  • Change is crucial, but it can also be hard and only the ones who press through it will grow.

Life is full of things that change, things that promote change, and things that benefit from these changes. It’s usually the things that don’t change that end up stale and stinky and gross. We face some unknown changes in the next few years, but I’ve learned that sometimes the best things come when someone comes along to rock the boat.

One of these days that someone could be you. Take notice of the things that get you fighting mad, or bring tears of sorrow, or maybe get your mind cranking out ways to fix a problem you see. If we want to see things move on a bigger scale in our lives it’s not enough to complain or protest or petition. We need to step out and make our voices heard. We need to stop trying to be so politically correct that there’s no longer a way to communicate that our society is killing itself from the inside out.

What kind of problems do you notice in your communities? What ideas do you have to change the situations? How can you begin a movement to help people in your area?

Thanks for visiting. This is the beginning of a series of life lessons gained during my life’s adventures.  :) ES